BRT: is the flexibility its strenght?

“BRT Corriere Espresso” has set up its own Logistical Services which offer certified and customised outsourcing to any company which wishes to have a logistics contact point with its own efficient and integrated distribution network. In effect, “Bartolini S.p.A.” is an Italian company, it was founded in 1928 in Bologna and it is active in the transport sector.

The first thing that we have to consider if we want to understand the keys of its success is that this company divides its activities in two parts: its main activities are those of the national road transport, while, concerning the international side, it is involved in a strong collaboration with the foreign network covering destinations around the world.

By the way, to provide optimal quality services, BRT strives to progressively reduce order processing and acceptance times and to create fully automated facilities.

Overall, it is possible to summarize its competitive advantages in: transparency (Customers can directly check the efficiency through the use of online information or operating plans), security, professionalism (highly qualified experience), integration of logistics and distribution and, finally, the customised costs (customer-by-customer) and the operating flexibility.

These features are necessary in this competitive area because they allow to meet even the most detailed needs (whether they involve only logistics or distribution) and to reduce costs while safeguarding and ensuring high quality.

Another point that we have to take into account is its innovative IT system: BRT IT system uses a network of IBM AS/400’s, installed in the Head Office and that links telematically all the main branches.

Is flexibility a real need in modern companies? Is it necessary to achieve company’s goals and get good results? The answer is clear. Yes, but it is useful to integrate all these services with technology.

Written by: Roberto Cippone


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