Ferrari is not only one of the fastest racing cars.

In 1982, Antonio Ferrari founded the “Antonio Ferrari Autotrasporti”, a company fully dedicated to transport and logistics. The most important thing we have to consider regarding its history is the acquisition of several little companies since 2002 that helped it to become increasingly large and to raise the dimension of the network.

The key aspect of their success is that, thanks to a solid knowledge of new reticular economy and the most modern information and communication systems for the integrated logistics and distribution, “AF Autotrasporti” operate the simplification, rationalization and monitoring of operational flows.

In effect, the employees implement and control every step of the flow of goods, from GDO (Great Organized Distribution) to the BtoC (Business to Customer) and related services. Furthermore, they offer strategic solutions to review and distribution organization restructuring at various levels, according to your needs and the entire logistics chain.

Differently from what Ferrari does in “Formula1”, they take care of planning and carrying out transport, organization and management of warehouses (also at establishments using resources already present). They’re extremely innovative because they are able to offer specific interventions, personalized and flexible services aimed at optimizing the different segments of the distribution cycle.

Besides, their leasing solutions use efficiently the most innovative methods of production and use of clean energy. They can be considered also specialists of frozen, fresh (meat, fruit and vegetables, fish, meats…) and logistics of the dry (dry food, non-food) thanks to their equipment and high-quality machines, operated with the most innovative IT systems and guarantee reliability and flexibility.

To sum up, all these elements can be interpreted as a prerequisite to ensure perfect timing and monitoring of transport which are their competitive advantages and strengths.

Written by: Roberto Cippone


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