Fleetmoon – Global ship traffic seen from space

Nowadays about 90% of world trade is mobilized thanks to the shipping industry. As depicted by the graph bellow, the level of international seaborne trade is still expanding mainly thanks to the efficiency of the shipping vessels and increased economic liberalization. In fact, over 50,000 merchant ships are trading internationally and the world fleet is registered in over 150 nations, and managed by over a million seafarers of nearly every nationality.


(Source: Statista)

It is indeed this impressive size of the maritime transportation industry which has lead new companies and start up to focus on the sector. This is the case of FleetMon, a raising start-up that offers its users the possibility to track the marine traffic and operation on real time, regardless of where the ships are. The company’s main aim is to empower ship companies by allowing them to monitor and analyse their business.

Recently the Company has decided to team with Luxspace and started enabling its customers to follow their vessels through satellite AIS technology. Actually, the AIS system, was originally developed as a collision avoidance technology. This system has proven to be much more and nowadays it is on its way to become an indispensable tool and information source for the maritime transportation world.


(Source: FleetMon)

This technology presented by the company is not only used to track the shipment but has many other applications such as fleet monitoring, competition analysis, trading pattern analysis, forecasting, business intelligence, logistics scheduling and optimization, anti-piracy and post-piracy measures, environmental monitoring and analysis and search and safety rescue.

Here you can find an impressive video that shows the sea traffic as seen from space.


Written by: Ibtissam Azaoum


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