Shipping parcels directly to your car’s trunk

As long as B2C e-commerce growing at rates that are often double-digit year-on-year, the real challenge remains to match the goods and the buyer in both at the same time and place.

Two global giants like DHL and Volvo -which are in sectors as diverse as postal mail and automobile manufacturing- are poised to offer an imaginative alternative to package delivery: Instead to call again and again at the door of the buyer’s house, propose to leave them in the trunk of his car, wherever he is.

Overcoming low-tech solutions, such as making the janitor or a neighbor pick up the shipment, Volvo and Deutsche Post propose something as simple as the delivery van to the place where the car is located and, through a remote service, the user authorizes the opening of the trunk. Volvo One Call is the mobile application that already allows users to control functions such as central locking, heating and location remotely through internet. The idea is that, once the owner authorizes it, the delivery company deposits the shipment inside and that’s it.

You can read more here:

Written by: Manuel Salmeron


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