The Logistics of Santa Claus

Go Supply Chain came with a very interesting info graphic showing that Santa Claus is actually one of the best logistics experts. According to the source, he manages to deliver gift to every one of the 1.68 billion kids around the world and all is done in one day. The problem that Santa is facing is nothing more than the usual problems we solve in our logistics seminars: minimize the cost of transportation while reaching all the children and return back to the North Pole warehouse. But how can this be done?the-logisticsofsantaclaus

If Santa would use one the biggest air cargo available Antonov AN-225 Aircraft (see here a documentary about it ), it is estimated by Go Supply Chain that Santa would need 3000 of these air cargos in order to ship all the gifts. Taking into account the huge fuel costs for the cargos- Santa may think of using cargo ships instead. Even this option proves to be bad because it would still take 89 trips with the largest ship in the world: MSC Oscar. Additionally, Santa would not be able to deliver the gifts in a timely manner, unless the ships leave his warehouse long time before the gifts are supposed to arrive to the children.

Thus, after analysing these two best alternatives from the ones available- the most efficient one remains the magic Christmas Sleigh that will make all the gifts arrive on time to every child around the world.

Written by: Ecaterina Vidrascu


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