The Pharmaceutical Logistics

In the pharmaceutical industry the Logistics is always a key factor, specially because of the huge requirements in reducing lead time. Hospitals and Pharmacies require very low lead time in order to accomplish  a good health care. The video explains how the Federació Farmacéutica automatic warehouse works. This automatic warehouse was implemented by SSI SCHAEFER. Here are the main achievements that they have reach with the implementation of this warehouse:

  • Lead time between picking up and sending to route: 30 min
  • Demand of 250.000 units a day
  • Continually motorization of unit numbers to make sure the total stock with optic control
  • Automatic entry of products and picking
  • Increasing the stock capacity with Mini-load system with no problem for the space
  • Only middle and low rotation products are manual


Written by: Eduard Vidal-Barraquer Castells



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