Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Hey guys!

Here there is a very interesting article:

This article talks about the practices needed by business to approach the Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are peak days of sales so they require much more planning than usual days.

This practices, which you will see in detail in the article are:

  • Cross training and cross docking so prepare the team some time before in order to be prepared that days.
  • Instead of only offer the low prices that days expand more the period so demand can be more distributed along the week for instance.
  • Be sure the warehouses have a lot of stock for cover this days.
  • Take care of the employees because if some leave the company some days before you won’t have time to contract other good employee.
  • Use some Omni-channel logistics to take advantage of the local resources instead only depend from a big and far warehouse.

I find quite interesting because for that days it is needed to do a good forecasting and change some process in your chain because if you don’t you can be stock out. To take knowledge of the difficulties I attached a picture showing all the steps that has followed one product for this special days and the Lead time that they have so how long they anticiapte.


Written by: Jordi Sanchez


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